Domaine Vella Frontera – A fond farewell

jayne and corinWe take this opportunity to thank our customers and supporters over the last eight years, as we announce that Domaine Vella Frontera has ceased wine production and vineyard cultivation until further notice.

We have come to realise that to produce enough wine for us to generate sufficient revenue to continue, it would be necessary for us to purchase or rent a further 5 or 6 hectares of viable vineyards and, if we were able to find decent plots in the surrounding area, we would then require heavy-duty equipment like a tractor, plough, spraying attachments etc., as we couldn’t manage to work 10+ hectares by hand, unless we could afford the luxury of permanent staff!

So, it is with sadness that we have ‘gone back to the drawing board’ and decided to re-join the rat-race for, we think, the next 2 years to boost the cash flow and re-think our winemaking future.

When we come back, we’ll be better prepared as the experience gained throughout the last 8 years has taught us a great deal and lessons heeded are lessons learned!

Onwards and upwards and thank you all, once more for being our customers and friends over the years.

You can still reach us on our personal email and Facebook addresses.

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